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Sticker Making Team

Meet the team that brings your sticker's to life! 

Where we work

We are a small business that works from our home workspace. We utilize 3 Silhouette cutting machines to work on your orders.

How we Started

     Over the years as an artist selling at anime conventions, I had developed a deep love for sticker making. My favorite thing about sticker making was to try new material and upgrade the quality of my stickers with each passing event I did. Eventually I hit a sticker quality I really was proud of and wanted to share what I had made with other artists. With some long brainstorming and encouragement from my husband, friends, and family, I decided to open a sticker service for my friends in the artist community. Originally the service was only planned to open to close friends, but through word of mouth, I suddenly found myself opening my new service to everyone. With the sudden surge of people discovering my small service, I decided to create an official name for it, STICKER BIRBS! A name inspired by my two crazy (and amazing) bird children, Smokey & Matcha, who are always right by my side when I make stickers. I truly hope this sticker service helps all of you artists (or any form of creator) out there in need of stickers for your own small business, and know we will always strive to create the best quality sticker we can for you. :D

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