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Returns & Refunds

Problems with your order?



Contact us on our Contact Page

Message us on instagram @Stickerbirbs


If there is anything wrong with your finished products, please let us know within 30 days of receiving your order, email, contact page, or instagram DM us. We will be unable to replace or refund any orders brought to our attention after 30 days of confirmed delivery by our carriers.

All refund requests are subject to approval by a case by case basis. Please let us know if there are any quality issues with the products you receive that we can address. Sometimes we will need your assistance to get the order right, and might request a photo or further details before reproducing an order. Just so we know how to make it right! Please take into account that this is a small operation and all stickers are homemade, so some minor flaws can be seen on stickers from time to time, but no flaw that should destroy the final produced product in its entirety. If you do have a major flaw (ex: unpeelable sticker sheets, severe lamination error, severe miscutting) that was produced by manufacturer, Sticker Birbs, it must be within a range of 80% of your order in order for us to reprint and replace your order, or refund. 

We will not refund, or replace, any product that was damaged by client handling . (Example: liquid spills, rippingover bending material).

Orders Lost Or Damaged During Delivery

  We are only able to issue refunds for any issues with the quality of your order. Once it's in the hands of our shipping partners USPS & UPS, any delays that impact transit time are not covered as part of our guarantee, and we will not be able to offer refunds for orders lost or delivered late. If for any reason your order is not delivered to you at all, first reach out to the carrier with your tracking number and file a claim with USPS ground advantage free $100 insurance claim If you do not receive your order, and it has been longer than a week of delivery window, please reach out to us to see what we can do.

  Orders that arrive extremely damaged by the carrier (meaning your stickers are severely destroyed within the package), please reach out to us to see what steps we will take to rectify the destroyed order.

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