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Do you offer samples?

Yes! You can purchase samples here. SAMPLES

What is your turnaround time?

Our average turn around time is 5-7 business days. (Monday - Saturday). Large scale orders 400+ can take 7-10 business days.

How do I upload my files?

If you need more visual guide, we have a video located here: How to Order. If you are on a desktop/laptop the button will be under the ADD CART button. If you are on a mobile device, the upload button will be a bit further down, under the ADD CART and PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. You can upload up to 30 files, once you add files, click the SUBMIT button to finalize file upload. OR you can email your files to,, and title the email with your order number. 

How do I setup art files?


  • Please send PNG no background images, or JPEG 

  • Image resolution: 300 DPI 

  • Please, make sure images are sized to the size you want.

  • Cut lines will be made for you, so no need to send any cut lines. You can send cut lines if you feel like doing so, just send us pre made outlines in a PNG (NB) image that excludes the art.

Sticker Sheet:

  • Please send PNG no background images, or JPEG 

  • Image resolution: 300 DPI

  • Please leave about 0.25" of line space between stickers on your sheet, this way cut lines can be made without problem. 

  • If there is any issue with your file, I will reach out to you via email.  

  • If you would like to create your own cut lines, please send them in a separate PNG file that can be placed over your image file.

Will my stickers be shared anywhere online?

You have the option to choose to allow your stickers/art to be shared on our social media platforms. Typing YES or NO will let us know if we can, or cannot. We will tag the respected artist of the art when we know the tags, if we don't know your art tag then we will ask in the posts if you can let us know your tag. 

Do you accept large orders? (500+)

Yes, we accept large orders. We do ask that large orders be made far in advance to your needed date, as it takes time for us to fulfill larger orders (10-14 business days)

What if I want to order stickers as a rush order?

Rush sticker creation is currently not an option on our new website, but we do offer fast expedited shipping for $30. That shipping option is through UPS 3 Day Select, if you need it sooner though, always feel free to reach out to us, we are available via contact page, email:, or on instagram @Stickerbirbs

What are your shipping options?

Please check out our shipping page for full details on shipping.

What is your policy on REFUNDS?

Details for Refunds are available on our return & refund page.

Can I order custom size stickers?

We do not do custom sizes, not at this time. Whatever sizes you select during your order process are what your stickers will be. When sizing stickers, it will be based off the side that has the longest length.

Can I do in person pickup?

We do offer in person pickup! The option will be available to select when picking shipping option. The option will state where our next pickup location will be (usually a convention event). If we do not have any events planned, the option will not be available.

How do you create stickers?

We are a small operation that makes stickers from a home office, we utilize silhouette cutting machines and two photo grade printers to print your stickers.

Are your stickers car safe?

We do offer stickers that can be placed on cars now! Checkout these stickers here: Weatherproof Vinyl. These stickers lifespan are estimated 1-3 years depending on conditions they are under. 

Can I keep tabs on my orders progress?

Yes! You can go to our order queue page to keep track of your orders progress. We update that page manually as we work on your order.

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Are your stickers car safe?
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